Open Letter

I started on the journey of Living Well Family Office because as a father of four, I was more concerned with my children being “whole” as they grew up, rather than simply being “rich.”  It doesn’t take long to look around and see the devastation following behind affluent families.  All of us can think of trust fund kids that have yet to reach their full potential, or their inheritance is held at bay until they are in their fifties or sixties where it can be a little too late to see a positive impact of those funds.  In many cases, tax strategies are leading the pathway, rather than what might be best psychologically for the children and the family as a whole.  I am far more interested in my children being fueled by our family wealth to become vibrant and healthy individuals, rather than trying to steward family money with a latent fear of failure.  I believe that a multi-family office is the first-step to creating the structure to surround them with fiduciaries that will objectively guide and educate them to make wise decisions…whatever that may be.  First and foremost, I want to intentionally communicate to them that relationships are more valuable than money.  Furthermore, I want them to understand that the family money is fuel for their passions and dreams, as well as their overall well-being, including their physical health.  I want to raise a generation of “abundance minded” children that face the future with clarity and resolve.  That being said, this journey is continually getting more and more meaningful as other like-minded families are banding together in the Living Well Family Office to share ideas and contacts on how to see the entire family flourishing. 

As a father of a special needs child, my wife and I are constantly appreciative of the multitude of friends and families that surround us and bring encouragement as we move forward.  Raising children in the 21st Century is not for the faint-hearted.  Leaving a financial legacy to your family and charitable causes requires a thoughtful approach.  Unfortunately, it is all too common to read about a family that was fractured due to infighting surrounding an inheritance.  I believe that a successful transfer of wealth sustains healthy family relationships and translates a sense of value and purpose to the beneficiaries.  I also believe that it is never too early to begin planning for the eventual transition of wealth.   It is inevitable.  Seeing that process bring life to a family is at the core of Living Well Family Office, and we believe it emanates from a meaningful relationship between parents and their children.  Our family welcomes the opportunity to walk together on this journey, learning from one another, and seeing every family flourish.   


Kristofer R. Gray, MPA, CFP, CRPS, C(k)P